Stalkers For Sale

  1. $33,000

    • Titled and tagged street legal
    • 2012 Stalker M-spec Prototype, that’s right, number 00. This was the first M-spec chassis ever made. It has a black powder coated chassis, panels, suspension, and full roll cage. Speedway Toyota Blue paint job
    • L33 Engine, Aluminum 5.3L LS, with LS1 intake
    • T-56 6 speed transmission, rebuilt
    • GAZ adjustable shocks
    • 17×9 XXR street wheels with Toyo R88 255 tires
    • One set of 13×10 autocross race wheels, Keizer front, Diamond rear
    • Power assisted brakes with Wilwood 4 piston front calipers
    • This car has a place in history for Stalker Cars
    • For more details, contact Scott Minehart at Stalker Cars, 386-931-6437 or