Stalker High Performance Kit Cars: the Stalker M-Spec, XL, AXR and Classic R

Made In The USA
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The Stalker high performance kit car takes one of the most popular kit car concepts of the Lotus 7 and implements modern suspension and chassis engineering, while adding subtle yet highly appreciated updates in design and support for modern drivetrains. All parts not included in the affordable kit are easily sourced parts, most available at your local auto parts store, reducing both cost and the time it takes to build your Stalker. The Stalker separates itself from the rest with a build quality unmatched in the kit car world, and the looks to go with it. The result of this effort is an attainable performance car that can compete with purpose built exotics on the track and handle the bumps of public roads during the week.

Find the Stalker model that’s right for you, choose your kit level, and contact us about placing your order.