• How much does it cost to build a Stalker? A stalker can be built for as little as $20,000. Most builds range from Low $20k’s to mid $30k’s. Please Contact Us for assistance in figuring out what options are best for you and your build.  We will not mislead you with false low ball number like others.  
  • What form can I buy a Stalker in? The Stalker can be purchased as a basic getting started kit all the way to a turnkey ranging in 6 levels.
    • Level 1 Kit:  This is the basic kit to get you started on a budget.  With our basic kit, a large percentage of work can be completed on your kit.
    • Level 2 Kit:  The Level 2 kit is perfect for the builder that isn’t sure of what drive train to use.  With these components, the car can be assembled to “roller” form
    • Level 3 Kit: The most popular way to buy a Stalker. You will be supplied with all of our fabricated parts to build your car.  The additional parts need to complete the car will be on the shopping list including drive train
    • Level 4 Kit, “roller”, is good quick way to get your car built.  At this stage the car just needs wheels and tires to roll, and drive train to move it.  Most of the work in building the car has been done at this point.  Comes with your choice of power coat color.
    • Level 5 Kit, “untrimmed turnkey”, is a great way to get a running car that is ready for your custom touches.  This car will start up and drive, but does not have the items that are common to customize such as paint, mirrors, gauges, lights, electrical, and seats.  These are all also very common modifications done in aftermarket products.
    • Level 6 Kit,”turnkey”, this kit is ready to go.  The only work needed is putting on the license plate and registration.  This includes your choice of paint, customized gauges, and other particulars you may have.
    All Kits are build to order.  We are the manufacturer and many custom options can be done.  Please contact us about building your dream car.
  • Are Stalkers street legal in the US? In order to comply with US federal regulations, all Stalker Cars products are manufactured as “kits.” The registration process varies state-to-state, and even county-to-county, but typically involves:
    • Having the vehicle inspected by a state authority to insure road worthiness and to verify the part numbers on the engine and chassis to insure that they are not from a stolen vehicle, sometimes called a “VIN” (vehicle identification number) inspection.
    • Paperwork from the VIN inspection, bill of sale and MSO (manufacture statement of origin, supplied by Stalker Cars) are turned into the local officials for inspection.
    • After the paper work comes back from the officials, the vehicle needs to be taken back to a state official to have a state assigned VIN attached.
    • The owner takes the paperwork to the DMV to complete the title and registration process as with a conventional car registration process.

    We highly recommend contacting your local DMV or state authorities to confirm the registration laws. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding this process or if there is anything we can do to help verify the process in your area.
  • How do I order and what it the delivery time and cost? To place an order your sales representative will help you complete an order form. To confirm the order a 50% plus options non-refundable deposit is required. Lead time from deposit date to delivery varies depending on order numbers, but typically ranges from 3-8 weeks for a kit and 12 weeks for a built turnkey car.
  • How long will it take to build my stalker? Is it difficult? Building a stalker is straightforward and, providing you have some basic mechanical knowledge, requires no special skills. The time taken to complete the car depends on many factors such as experience, ability, and final quality. Most people spend between 150-200 hours to complete. The chassis is supplied fully welded with all crucial holes and mounting locations already attached. Help can always be found on our Stalker owner’s exclusive forum or from our customer service.
  • What engine options are available? Currently we offer support for 2 different engine series
    • GM 3800 90 degree V6 Supercharged or NA: These engines come from Many Buicks, Pontiac GTP, and Monte Carlo SS. There are plenty in your local salvage yard for a good price. With our EFI system these engines have 260 wheel hp and close 300 lb of torque available at all RPMs.
    • LS series Aluminum V8: The LS series V8’s come in GM F-body cars and Corvette. Many variations available from 330 to 525 hp stock.  Widely available as new crate motors and aftermarket parts.
  • I want to use my own type of Engine/transmission, can I make it work? We feel the engines we offer are the best choices for power, cost, and reliability. We also recognize that there are many different power plants available that people become accustomed to. As long as an engine/transmission will physically fit inside the frame, we are willing to make engine/transmission mounts and headers for your engine. You must ship the engine/transmission bolted together with any external functions such as slave cylinders.  Or if you want to do this work yourself, we recommend the Level 2 kit.
  • Will I fit in a Stalker? The Stalker is indeed a small vehicle. However, you would be quite surprised see how comfortable the fit is and how tall of a driver can fit. Many drivers as tall as 6’4? can fit in a stalker. Fitment is largely due to a person’s body proportions. Two people the same height can fit very differently inside a car due to the waist down-waist up ratio. Larger drivers should look to the Stalker XL and custom height rollbars are also available. The chassis can accommodate drivers up to 6’ 7” depending on specification. Stalker Cars is not an importer or dealer of kits, we are the manufacturer. We can do many custom items to suit your needs, so just let us know your requirements.
  • I really like the feel of the open road, is there side protection available? A couple of different side protection style bars have been fitted to different chassis’. We can accommodate side protection bars to fit your goals. We due stress certain design characteristics that would not leave one trapped in case of roll over. Many cage/side protection bars on other 7 type cars could leave you trapped!
  • Can I have a test drive? Come on down to our shop. Or let us hook you up with a builder in your area. Most stalker owners would be more than happy to share their experience with you. At our shop, we can take you for a good unforgettable ride. Due to the extremely high performance, only those with high performance driving experience can get behind the wheel.
  • How well will my Stalker hold its value? Stalkers have one of the highest resale values in the industry. A clean car will typically sell for more than it costs to build!
  • Can I use my Stalker on Track? Absolutely. All Stalkers are suitable for use on the track and give great performance right away.  Whether you want to compete in wheel to wheel racing in NASA, SCCA national level autocross, or occasional track days, your stalker is ready to be driven and perform.